J’aurai le plaisir d’accompagner à la prochaine soirée jam#23 des Sawmill Sessions du mois de janvier David C Kendall dans sa formule Jackstraws. Au plaisir de vous y retrouver !

« David C Kendall is an American singer/songwriter who has been producing recording projects with the group Jackstraws since 1980. He has spent his life in Colorado, New Mexico and California, and is now a permanent resident of Paris. Combining traditional folk melodies and texts with new lyrics, he calls his songwriting ‘California Country with a twist’. This year he produced a new Jackstraws CD ‘Red Sky at Night’ and performed at the Festival du Chant de Marin in Paimpol, with folk American & Cajun versions of sea songs and chanteys. This special Jackstraws concert will be supported by Steph Doe, vocals – and members of the Sawmill Sessions House Band, featuring material from ‘Red Sky at Night’, and debuting new songs for the next Jackstraws project ‘Café Américain’, set for release in Spring of 2016. »


Une nouvelle occasion de se rencontrer autour d’un répertoire Old-Time/Bluegrass avec une fine équipe et dans un beau lieu …

Je vous attends nombreux au prochain workshop des Sawmill Sessions !


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